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Tour's description
Guide's fee*
City tour"High Lights" of St. Petersburg
10 am - 3 pm. By car+walk.
Visit the main sights in the city - Nevsky Prospect, Palace Square, Winter Palace, General Staff Headquarters building, Palace Embankment, The spit of Basil’s Island, The Admiralty, Bronze Horseman, St. Isaac Square, Kazan Cathedral, Church on Spilled Blood and many other interesting sights.
3 hours
4 hours
5 hours
€ 75
€ 100
€ 125
State Hermitage MuseumState Hermitage Museum
Opened: 10:30 am - 6:00 pm (closed on Monday). Wednesday opened till 9:00 pm.
- Visit State rooms of the Winter Palace;
- Western European art galleries;
- Department of Antiquity,
- Treasure Gallery (if available);
- Temporary exhibitions and other departments;
- Hermitage souvenir & book shops, internet-cafe.

2 hours
3 hours
4 hours

€ 50
€ 70
€ 90
Peterhof tourTour in Peterhof 30 kilometers outside city. By hydrofoil or by car.
- Visit Peterhof Grand Palace, park with fountains: Grand Cascade, Chessboard Hill Cascade, fountains of Adam and Eva, Roman fountains, Piramide fountain and many others,
- Optionally: Monplaisir Palace, Catherine Wing, Imperial Bath House, Marli Palace, Hermitage Pavilion.
- Park Alexandria and Cottage Palace, Gothic Chapel if we will have time.
5 hours
€ 130
Catherine PalaceTour to Tsarskoe Selo (town Pushkin) by car. 27 kilometers outside city.
- Catherine Palace (with visit the Amber Room), Catherine park;
- Alexander Palace and park (optionally);
- Imperial Lyceum optionally.
5 hours
€ 130
PavlovskTour to Pavlovsk: by car. 32 kilometers outside city:
- Visit the Pavlovsk Park and the Palace of Paul the 1st;
- Option: in the winter time "TROIKA" ride (three horses harnessed abreast with sledge)
5 hours
€ 130
OranienbaumTour to Oranienbaum by car. It is located on the distance about 45 kilometers outside city on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Visit Menhikov Grand Palace, park, roller-coaster pavilion, Kamennoe Zalo pavilion, palace of Peter the 3rd, Chinese palace. 5 hours
€ 130
Tsarskoe Selo + Pavlovsk in one day (9 am - 4 pm). The root of the trip 7 hours
€ 175
Tsarskoe Selo + Peterhof in one day (9 am - 6 pm). The root of the trip 9 hours
€ 225
KronhtadtTour to Kronshtadt by car. Located on the distance about 45 kilometers from St. Petersburg city centre. Kronshtadt, the seat of the Russian Navy. The Admiralty and the base of the Russian Baltic Fleet were located in Kronstadt guarding the approaches to Saint Petersburg. The historic centre of the city and its fortifications are part of the World Heritage Site Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments. 6 hours
€ 150
Tour in Kronshtadt + Oranienbaum in one day. (9 am - 6 pm). See the root of the trip 9 hours
€ 190

Shlisselburg Orehek fortressTour to the fortress Oreshek (The Nut) in Shlissleburg - in the mouth of the Neva river. 52 kilometers from the city centre. The history of the place dates back to the 13th century. The island and the fortress belonged to Novgorodian republic in 1323—1468, then to Moscow principality in 1468—1612, then controlled by Sweden in 1612—1702, then became a part of Russia.

6 hours
€ 150
GatchinaTour to Gatchina 45 kilometers outside city:
- Visit the Gatchina Palace and Park;
- The Forest Hot-house;
- The Eagle Column, the Pavilion of Eagle;
- The Pavilion of Venus, the Birch house.
6 hours
€ 150
NovgorodVisit Novgorod (8 am - 9 pm). Novgorod - ancient city of Russia, located on the distance of 200 kilometers from St. Petersburg. We will Visit Kremlin, St. Sophia Cathedral, Ancient Market "Yaroslav Cortyard", Museum of Wooden Architecture, Yuriev Monasery.
13 hours
€ 250
Folklore Show in Anichkov PalaceFolklore Show in Anichkov Palace, 8 pm - 10 pm,
Concert Hall "Carnival", Nevsky Prospect, 39
Professional folklore groups well-known in many countries of the world give performances here. They will introduce you to treasure of national Russian art and Russian cultural traditions. Check photogallery of this Show
2 hours ask the price
10 pm - 1 am
Visit clubs and bars: Blue Oyster, Central Station, THe Club, Sauna Fitness, cruising club "Bunker". Clubs provide Drag Queen Show, Go-Go boys etc
3 hours
Visit the places where tourists don't go: local food markets, local restaurants, traditional Russian regular bathhouse with birch branches where hundreds Naval cadets go (not gay sauna), neighbourhood where local people live and work. Riding oldest metro line designed in communist's style.
3 hours

* Prices for all the tours are in euro and valid for 1-2 people. Guiding 3-4 people costs "basic price" +30%. Prices for tickets are not included. Tours for larger groups are organized by request.

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Jim Lee:
Hey Nicky! Well, you are always welcome at the Carriage house in West Hollywood and we will be your guide! though I am not sure we can do half as good a job as you did for us in St P. Wow. Gorgeous city and there is no other way to see it than with Nickolai and Boris. A great team. Thanks for a wonderful 5 days of fun and knowledge and experience...
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Jim Lee in the Hermitage museum

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