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Driving Russian Troika on sledges in the winter time

Driving on Russian Troyka

TROIKA (from word "three").
According to the dictionary TROIKA is "three horses harnessed abreast". But for Russian TROIKA is more than only "three horses harnessed abreast". Russian likes driving on TROIKA /usually with tinkling of bells/ on high days and holidays, while celebrating weddings and after carousals; also TROIKA is the mean of conveyance while traveling over boundless Russia. No wonder that TROIKA for Russian is the symbol of national character: driving on TROIKA shows recklessness and fervour of Russian, allows to feel how boundless is Russia and to meditate on theme of unpredictable development of Russia. Nikolay V. Gogol wrote about TROIKA: "...And what a Russian is there who doesn't love fast driving? How should his soul that yearns to go off into a whirl, to go off on a fling, to say on occasion: "Devil takes it all!"- How should his soul fail to love it? Is neither it nor a thing to be loved, when one can sense in it something exaltedly wondrous? (...) Eh, thou troika, thou that art a bird! Who conceived thee? Methinks’ is only among a spirited folk that thou could st have come into being, in that land that is not fond of doing things by halves, but that has evenly smoothly spread itself out over half the world... (...) And art not thou, my Russia, soaring along even like a spirited, never-to-be-outdistanced troika? (...) Way to, then, Russia? Give me the answer! But Russia gives none. With a wondrous ring does the jingle bell trill; the air, rent to shreds, thunders and turns to wind; all things on earth fly past and, eying it askance, all the other peoples and nations stand aside and give it the right of way".

You can try riding Troika in the Alexander Park in Tsarskoe Selo and in the park in Pavlovsk. This is something amaizing! Enjoy Russian winter and very Russian traditional entertainment! Ask me about this option and TROIKA will be organized for you!

Driving on Russian TROIKA

St. Isaac's Cathedral

The cathedral was designed by the French architect Auguste de Montferrand in the middle of the 19th century. It took Auguste Montferrand 40 years to build it. The construction was started in 1818 and completed in 1858. St. Isaac’s is the fourth tallest 1 cupola cathedral in Europe. Its height is 101,5 metres/325 feet. It took 100 kg/220 lbs of gold to cover the dome.

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Tsarskoe Selo. Catherine Palace

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