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16.07.2004 at 22:18
Comments by Don Sihota /e-mail/

Hi Nico! Denis and I had a great time in St. Petersburg and it was very nice meeting you. We appreciate you making the time to help us visit St. Petersburg.

Canada. Vancouver

06.07.2004 at 20:07
Comments by Many Lopez /e-mail/

Nico, I finally got some time to write you. I hope you are doing well. I am safely back at Mexico, back to normal life. I just wanted to say thanks for showing me the city in a very professional way, and I hope we can meet again in the future. You should think about coming to Mexico which is also a great place to visit, full of life.


22.06.2004 at 23:25
Comments by Ruben A. Diaz /e-mail/

Hello Nico! Let me tell you that we had a great time in your country and we want to go back with more leisure time to enjoy it and experience it. We both loved your company and truly appreciated all your efforts.

USA, Hialeah, Florida

16.05.2004 at 13:05
Comments by Michael Young /e-mail/

Hey - im from london and went over with VJV tour but got Niko to do the guiding rather than take tours. I can recommend unconditionally - even if u drive him crazy with strange requests he still remains polite and friendly - i saw a lot of the real russia (hard seat trains with babouchkas going out to the dacha) rather than fancy tours, but i reckon he can probably adapt to whatever u want. Give him a try hes honest respectful and trusting (didnt ask to be paid till end of last day).

Great Britain, London

04.04.2004 at 23:04
Comments by Steve Coriell /e-mail/

I spent a week in St. Petersburg with Nico and he was the main reason the trip was so enjoyable. I quickly felt like I was traveling with an old friend and I saw many fascinating parts of the city I never would have found without him. He easily accommodated special requests (like getting a haircut or finding a certain souvenir) and taught me how to love St. Petersburg. Nico was funny and honest and a pleasure to be around. I hope to be back to see him and his beautiful city very soon.

USA New York City

03.04.2004 at 23:13
Comments by Jim and Carter /e-mail/

Nico, thanks so much for the great whirlwind tour of your fabulous city. We WILL be back and stay more then 4 days. Jim / Carter (DC)

USA, Washington DC

29.03.2004 at 21:02
Comments by DB Hewlett /e-mail/

Dear Nico, You are a beautiful man and I am not sure if your beauty is what I remember of your beautiful city. thank you for all that you did for me, I don''t think St. Petersburg would be so fond in my memory if it wasn''t for you. We are today in Tashkent and it is also very wonderful, but seems very new. The weather is so wonderful as I have not even had a jacket on today..Spring is here! We are leaving tomorrow for Samarkand where we will be spending two nights, so I will find a postcard for you. Love and Peace...again thank you, Don

USA, New York

28.03.2004 at 14:10
Comments by Kirill Utter /e-mail/

Thanks for everthing! I typed this message at the Gay club,Sinners, where Nico brought me. Having a GREAT TIME!!!! Best guide in town:)

USA, Ohio, Cleveland

22.12.2003 at 23:00
Comments by Paul /e-mail/

Thanks for your help Nico - we went off the opera on Saturday and Peter and Paul Fortress. Had a fun time in your city and hope to get back there at some point in the future. Hope your studies continue well and thanks for your help.


19.12.2003 at 20:28
Comments by Douglas /e-mail/

Nico, I really enjoyed my trip to Russia. While the group tour was fine since I was traveling alone I would much rather have ventured on my own with your assistance as my guide. There is so much to see and do. I find Russia very exciting. Good luck on your exams. Our newspaper carries the weather for the major cities around the world and I am always checking to see how cold it is in Moscow. We have had some cool weather here but nothing like the cold weather in Moscow. The winters here are very mild. We rarely get tempters below freezing. If you ever come to New Orleans I would be happy to show you around. Merry Christmas and keep in touch.

USA, New Orleans

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