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05.07.2012 at 18:07
Comments by Michael and Friedhelm

Dear Niko, it was a very good time with you and the two of us, Michael and I, want to thank you again for your perfect guidance through your beautiful city and it's wonderful surroundings with pearls like Zarskoje Selo. We felt very much under you shelter and best informed and everything worked out fine, including our nice trip into the scene of St. Petersburg. We wish you a successful and nevertheless joyful summer with and without the foreign visitors. Our friend Klaus is looking forward to meeting you soon. Please let us know if you sholud come to Berlin once. We would like to meet you then - if you like - for a personal Thank You. Michael and Friedhelm


05.06.2012 at 12:06
Comments by Bob Atkinson

Again, Nikolai, I would like to thank you for making my recent visit to St Petersburg a most enjoyable one. The sights I saw and your accompanying commentary has inspired me to research the history of St Petersburg further. I may even try to pick up a few more Russian words and phrases. And ,yes, thank you for the visit to the bath house as it was a good way to end the day. Seeing the academy cadets was a pleasure also. After being in the air for over 11 hours we arrived in Newark (via Frankfurt) on schedule at 15:45 (23:45 St Petersburg time) and arrived back at my house by 18:30. Please stay in touch. Bob

United States

02.01.2012 at 15:11
Comments by Jon Hill

Niko showed us around st p and he was superb in my estimation. Prompt, good driver, super knowledgable. It was a joy to be driven around by him. Top marks I would recommend Niko to anyone


21.12.2011 at 15:05
Comments by Marty

My partner, our friend and I spent three full days with Nickolay in late May 2011. I was looking online for a gay guide for our trip so that we would feel comfortable as gay tourists and was quite fortunate to find Nickolayís website. We corresponded through email to set up our itinerary that also included Nickolay picking us up from the airport, taking us to our apartment, and dropping us off at the airport. We were very lucky that Nickolay took us to our apartment because there was some confusion about where to pick up the key and then getting to the apartment which we found out was in a totally different location. Nickolay communicated with the apartment representative for us which got us successfully into our apartment. This would have been a nightmare if we had to manage ourselves. Although Nickolay would have been able to accompany us to gay-related sites, we chose to spend all of our time seeing Saint Petersburg highlights including the palaces at Peterhof and Pavlovsk. Nickolay is thoroughly knowledgeable about Russian history: the Russian monarchy; their protocols, their scandals; Russian wars and military leaders; Russian palaces, buildings, architecture, and furnishings. Nickolay is an excellent communicator of this fascinating information. Although we would have enjoyed experiencing some aspects of Saint Petersburgís gay life, we didnít have the time to do so. We know that others who enjoyed Nickolay as their guide also took some time to visit bars, shows, and bathhouses, and, indicated they really enjoyed themselves at these venues. Iím sure we would have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves too. However, this wasnít a priority for us on this trip. Therefore, our praise for Nickolay is totally based on his expertise about the more mainstream activities of tourists to Saint Petersburg. Thank you Nickolay for making our trip to Saint Petersburg such a wonderful, memorable experience.

United States

06.10.2011 at 09:05
Comments by Courtney Dyer

Dear Niko, This is just a brief message to thank you so much for looking after me,Rob, Frank and Michael during our visit to Saint Petersburg on 19 and 20 August. You have a an impressive knowledge and you really made the trip for me. I am not the cruise type and that cruise was my first and last as I could not put up with all that American hype again and if I want to go anywhere again I will fly. If you are ever visiting Melbourne Australia it would be my pleasure to have you to stay with me so just remember that. Warm Regards, Courtney Dyer


05.10.2011 at 12:04
Comments by Steward LaCasce

Dear Niko, Thanks again for being "our friend in St. Petersburg." Bob and I along with our friend Karin were somewhat uneasy coming to Russia for the first time, so we found your welcome at the airport greatly reassuring. Then, for all three of our trips with you, you met us at our hotel on time with "Boris," your trusty car, and gave us the professional guidance we needed. Your good humor and knowledge did much to leave us with such a positive opinion of St. Petersburg and Russia in general. You were an excellent host, friend, and representative of your country. All the best, Steward

United States

13.09.2011 at 15:03
Comments by Barry and John

Niko, Just a quick note to say what a wonderful time we had whilst in Saint Petersburg. You really are the most perfect of guides - our correspondence before we met, was so reassuring; you lived up to every expectation whilst your subject knowledge is second to none, be it the military history of Russia or the finer details of the likes and dislikes of Catherine the Great! John could not have had a better birthday present and being with you was just like spending time with a friend with whom we all had so much in common. We heartily recommend you as a Tour Guide who puts in so much more than is expected, and makes each session so memorable. Thankyou for showing me the grave of Tchaikovsky - a lifelong ambition of mine. From Barry & John

United Kingdom

03.09.2011 at 11:09
Comments by Keith Gilbert

Hello Niko, helping a friend contact you today has reminded me of my visit with you this time last year. I cannot express how magnificent my visit was to your city. Your "expert" help in all matters made for a truely splendid visit. You are so helpful, courteous and patient, I shall always remember with gratitude how you rushed me through the lineup at the airport ( I had misread my departure time) and barely got on the plane. With warm wishes to you. Keith Gilbert; Vancouver

Canada, Vancouver

28.05.2011 at 15:00
Comments by Paul & Christan

Hey Niko Just to say many thanks for the great experience you provided in Russia. As your testimonials say, your knowledge is second to none and helped us to see more than what we ould have done without you. For readers can i recommend a day to Tsarskoe Selo and Pushkin, really worthwhile. Thanks again, keep in contact xx

United Kingdom

16.09.2010 at 19:28
Comments by David

Dear Nikolay, I can't thank you enough for showing me the most beautiful place in Europe for the past week. St.Petersburg and all the places around it are simply magical. And you are so nice & friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and patient. The last day in Novgorod was also fun; it was great for Jenya to join us and share a bit of his family life with us, he is a very nice person. Please remind him to turn his Chinese lamps right-side-up! :) Stay in touch. I'll see you again when I come to Russia next time, and will recommend all my friends to contact you if they plan a visit to St.Petersburg. And when you come to Australia or Hong Kong, and I will see you here! Regards, David


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