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07.05.2008 at 21:30
Comments by Gianluigi - Federico /e-mail/

Ciao Kolja! Che dirti? Grazie mille per i tuoi innumerevoli aiuti durante il mio trimestrale soggiorno pietroburgese. Grazie soprattutto per i bei momenti trascorsi tra spiegazioni e scatti fotografici dinanzi alla meraviglia artistica della tua citta, San Pietroburgo, cosi come dei dintorni, Carskoe Selo e Pavlovsk!! Un ringraziamento anche da parte dei miei genitori, che ti ricordano sempre con molto affetto... Sai bene che ci saranno molte altre visite... -))) ahahah!! Spero di rivederti presto. Salutami tutti quelli che conoscono e che sono stati la mia famiglia nei mesi trascorsi in Russia.. Ciao e grazie ancora..

Italy, Roma

07.05.2008 at 15:08
Comments by Rene Wagner /e-mail/

Hi Nicolai! This 4 days in St. Petersburg were great. We enjoyed every moment. You are a wonderful guide and we will recommend you to everybody who intend to go to St. Petersburg. Hope to see you somewhere sometimes. In Basel there is always a bed for you - you know my adress. Best wishes from Basel sent by Rene

Switzerland, Basel

02.05.2008 at 16:29
Comments by Benito Favretto & Silvia /e-mail/

Dobbiamo ringraziare veramente di cuore Nikolay che con il suo entusiasmo e la sua conoscenza ci ha fatto amare ancora di piu' questa splendida citta.Il tour cittadino ci ha colpiti e impressionati e la visita all'Hermitage tolto le parole di fronte alla magnificenza e all'esistenza di cosi' tante opere presenti(un giorno le comprero' e faranno ritorno in patria… :-). La visita al palazzo d'estate di Puskin o Selo ci ha confermato la magnificenza barocca presente in molti palazzi costruiti in citta (non ricordo Nikolay il nome dell'architetto…me lo rammenti tu??? :-) ).Grazie per la splendida e squisita cena e grazie per l'ottimo dolce che ho apprezzato,salutami tanto il cameriere che mi e' rimasto nel cuore… :-) .

Hello Nico and thank you for the wonderful experience that you have given us for seeing and staying in St Petersburg. The city is portentous, amazing,the Hermitage incredible with all those italian paintings and sculptures (one day I will be able to buy all (italian,spanish,dutch art from Hermitage… :-) ) Remind me please the name of architect who designed The Summer palace in Tsarskoe Selo - opulent, baroque. Thank you very warmly for the beautiful dinner and the sweet… I loved the waiter :-) I hope to back again to see the beautiful fountains. My advice is to trust blindly to Nicolay. He will guide you well. A big kiss and hugs.
Benito e Silvia

Italy, Padova

05.02.2008 at 19:25
Comments by Dave Ansell /e-mail/

Hi Nico Sorry ...meant to add comments earlier but I'm too busy dreaming of lovely St Petersburg, and all those great Russian boys! You were wonderful - you know so much and made my two weeks so good. I love eating in Cafe Dali (such cute waiters!). And I love Central Station and can't wait to get back there with all those hot go-go boys. Best New Year's Eve I've ever had Peterhof was wonderful and I'm looking forward to seeing it in the summer but I hope the cute little squirrels will still be there. Give my love to Boris and take care Nico …I hope to see you again soon. Love & hugs …DAVE

United Kingdom, Kuwait, Kuwait City

01.12.2007 at 16:24
Comments by Bob Bordelon /e-mail/

Nico thanks again for showing me your beautiful city. Everything could not have been more perfect. Your knowledge of art and history and ability to put all in context made the museums and palaces so much more meaningful and enjoyable. I would highly recommend you to anyone. For about the same cost as being part of a group, you get an extremely knowledgable personal guide. In addition to bringing the sights to life, Nico can also offer practical advice for navigating St. Petersburg. I have travelled over a good portion of the world, but Russia was my first country that did not use the Latin alphabet and having Nico made seeing the city easy. I hope you can one day come and visit the USA. Bob

United States, Princeton NJ

21.09.2007 at 21:23
Comments by Mark and Tony /e-mail/

Nico, how are you? We wanted to thank you for making the visit to St. Petersburg so great. We enjoyed meeting you and you were kind to take Tony and me around the city on the two evenings. I hope we can stay in touch and perhaps see you again in St. Petersburg. Thanks again. Mark and Tony.

United States

05.09.2007 at 23:19
Comments by Joy & Bruce /e-mail/

Hello young Nico Just want to give you a quick note to thank you for a great Russian experience!! We had a great time and we both agree our trip wouldn't have been nearly as successful if it was not for you and Borris!!!!!!!! You have a wonderfull city and you ROCK as a guide. Thanks again Nicolas and we will keep in contact Hugs, Joy & Bruce


03.09.2007 at 16:17
Comments by Jim Lee /e-mail/

Hey Nicky! Well, you are always welcome at the Carriage house in West Hollywood and we will be your guide! though I am not sure we can do half as good a job as you did for us in St P. Wow. Gorgeous city and there is no other way to see it than with Nickolai and Boris. A great team. Thanks for a wonderful 5 days of fun and knowledge and experience. How DO YOU stay so svelte?? all the best from Jim and Tony and Carl ... and this website is so good!

United States, CA Los Angeles West Hollywood

18.08.2007 at 08:38
Comments by Jeff Ayers & Randy Fulford /e-mail/

Hi Nico, Just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed our tour in St Petersburg. We all had a great time and you did a wonderful job planning our two days there! It was perfect. We enjoyed getting to know you and learning more about the culture there in Russia as well. If you are going to be in the United States and specifically Atlanta, please let us know and we can show you around.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

24.07.2007 at 09:36
Comments by Eric Ballard /e-mail/

Hello Nico, thank you for having so well organized our holiday. I guess that samuele was very happy too. I hope that everything is fine on your side. here it is raining and raining......... fortunately, I just spent a few days in the south of France and the weathar was good. take care. Eric


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