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09.02.2006 at 21:17
Comments by Rick /e-mail/

Jon & I enjoyed your company & tour of the clubs. We did not go out with the group from Sinners to the baths the next night; instead we went to Central Station [too much like most Western clubs for us] and again to Sinners. We had a terrible time leaving our flight was cancelled; we spent many hours in the airport, and finally got back home 2 days late. But we loved your city, and hope to get back there sometime soon. Best wishes

United States, New York City

07.11.2005 at 03:07
Comments by John Eastwood /e-mail/

I am still in the planning stages of my vacation to Russia. But will bookmark your website to arrange the tours when I do actually book. I am still trying to learn the process of getting a visa to Russia, since this is my first visit out of my country. If you have any input, please let me know. Thank you.

United States

30.10.2005 at 23:16
Comments by Harald /e-mail/

Nico was the guide for me and my friend Olav for 3 days early September. We had a great tour. Nico takes very good care of his clients. He is very very well informed. He has my best recommendations.
Thanks for taking us to Schlisselburg, Nico.
Anyone from Norway going to St. Petersburg: Let Nico be your guide.

Norway, Bergen

30.10.2005 at 09:50
Comments by Ed Morrison /e-mail/

This August I made my 3rd trip to Russia and to St Petersburg (Aug 24-Sept 18) and I spent many of those days in the company of Nico who renders incomparable service to his clients in a friendly, efficient and courteous manner. Above all Nico provides an inside view of this grand City and the many tourist attractions in the surrounding communities.
Three trips outside the City were unforgettable. First was a hydrofoil ride from St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland to Peterhof with Nico and 2 other guests: a Doctor from Kentucky and an Immigration counselor from NYC. Peterhof is the palace which Peter the Great built to rival Versailles is famous for its massive gold covered Samson Fountain which operates on gravity cascading water down an elaborate embankment at the entrance to the Palace to a canal flowing into the Gulf of Finland. I had toured the inside of Peterhof in 2001 so on this occasion we toured the magnificent gardens and parks which surround the Palace and had lunch at the outdoor caf at the Orange pavilion. Nico has a detailed knowledge of the many fountains, statutes and special gardens in the massive Palace grounds. I highly recommend spending an afternoon with Nico at Peterhof to everyone.
The second trip with Nico and 2 Norwegian businessmen was to the Palaces of the Czars South of St Petersburg on the route to Moscow. The Park surrounding Pauls Palace at Pavlovsk was a favorite hunting ground of the czars and one of my personal favorite glimpses at nature. Its many nature trails are dotted with statuary pavilions and detailed little bridges. Be sure to take some nuts or seeds to feed the friendly squirrels. Not far from Pavolvsk is Pushkin and the great summer Palace of Catherine The Great. Its manicured gardens and many historic monuments and buildings have a more feminine flavor. The interior of this massive palace is a must see and if you have seen any of the great movies about Catherine the Great you can relive the sumptuous balls and parties she had there. The Amber room alone is a site to behold. Beyond question Catherines Palace is one of the greatest treasures in Russia and Nico has a vast store of knowledge about it. Not far from Catherines Palace is the Palace of Nicholas the final Czar of Russia. While it has yet to be renovated its simple elegance reminds architecture of plantation era of the Southern USA. This tour is my #1 recommendation while in St Petersburg.
A third trip which very few tourists ever have a chance to take and which is a historians delight is to the fortress in Schisselburg on an island on the edge of Lake Ladoga where The Neva river begins. Being a great lover of history this was an unforgettable trip which I dont believe you could get to without the assistance of a capable guide like Nico. The fortress was initially built by the Swedish Vikings as a key link on their trade routes down the Volga became a prison for those who opposed the Czars and also became a strategic battle ground in the Second World War. Lake Ladoga was on the only supply route to St Petersburg during the lengthy siege of the City by the Germans in World War 2nd!
There are so many ways that Nico will help you out during your stay in St Petersburg that is impossible to relay them all, from greetings you at the airport in a friendly manner to arranging wonderful entertainment. Even when he was otherwise engaged Nico arranged for me to go to a hockey game (elite) at the beautiful Ice Stadium in St Petersburg with a another young hockey fan. There is something for everyones taste in St Petersburg be it a circus, the ballet, opera, architectural treasures in the form of bridges and cathedrals, boat rides on the canals and Neva, art treasures at The Hermitage and outdoors concerts like the Joe Cocker concert we went to in Palace Square. Your best friend in St Petersburg will be Nico.

Canada, Manitoba

28.10.2005 at 19:00
Comments by Robert Hall /e-mail/

Nico, you are a truely wonderful guide and friend ! I would recommend your excellent services to anyone who might ask. I was especially glad to have so much more time together on my second visit with you.
Many hugs,

United States, San Francisco

04.08.2005 at 01:37
Comments by Alan /e-mail/

I really enjoyed the two days we toured together. You are an excellent guide and very nice person. I would be happy to serve as a reference for you or write a recommendation for you. And do let me know if you ever want to come visit San Francisco. You are welcome to stay with me and my partner! Take care of yourself and stay in touch. Warm hugs.

United States, San Francisco

29.07.2005 at 15:27
Comments by Jessy /e-mail/

. - . ;-) . . e :) ;-)
Who wants to visit in St. Petersburg write and call to the author of this web site. He is not only interesting guide but also pleasant and very respect man :-) ; -)
, Jessy!
Yours faithfully, Jessy!


11.07.2005 at 16:33
Comments by Stanton-Johnn /e-mail/

I wanted you to know this is a great source of information for those who will be visiting your beautiful city for the first time. I will be arriving in September 2005, I hope we have the chance to meet. Cheers


04.06.2005 at 09:12
Comments by Raul /e-mail/

Thank you very much for the very informative website! I do not plan to visit Russia before 2007, but your prices are indeed reasonable and even though I have friends in SPb, when it comes to getting to know the city and the gay scene, I would prefer to put myself in the hands of an experienced guide such as you! I will keep your information for when the time comes to travel to Russia. In the meantime, I wish you great success with your studies and your work!

United States

22.02.2005 at 23:37
Comments by Nik Rosentool /e-mail/

Last year I made my first visit to Russia and lived in St Petersburg from August till October and can honestly say that without Nikolais help my experience would not have been anywhere near as good as it was. Although my ancestry is Russian in reality I am a true blue Australian. Nico has a great pride in and excellent knowledge of his city and from the first time I made contact with him he was only too willing to advise and help. He arranged the invitation to Russia and found me a nice apartment in a good area. He is able to cut through the tangled Russian system of visas and other difficulties with ease. These processes can be mind boggling for the novice. He came and met me at the airport and then made sure that everything was in order in the apartment and then took me on a tour of the district, made sure that I was familiar with the metro and what tickets to buy and even came with me to the supermarket. Nicos tours are interesting and he can answer any question you throw at him. He is reliable and really goes the extra mile to make sure that you dont get ripped off and get the best value out of this fabulous city. St Petersburg has a wonderful living historical presence about it as well as beautiful boys and it also has Nicolai what more can you want in a holiday. Niuco and I have become friends and I fondly remember the many times we just spent time together going to the movies and cafes or to the sauna with his friends or sometimes sitting and drinking beer late at night in some bar on Moskovski Prospect. I would not hesitate to recommend Nico as your guide to the city of St Petersburg and if you want further clarification please feel free to email me. Spasibo Kolja chto ty takoi specalnyj :))))


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