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25.01.2005 at 20:46
Comments by Robert Hall /e-mail/

Hello Nico, I enjoyed meeting you. I had a wonderful time and really do hope to return soon. Your company made a great deal of the short trip so enjoyable. The weather here in London is sunny and cold, but not as cold as St.P. 5-7 c perhaps. Take care and I look foward to hearing from you.

UK, London, San Francisco.

22.01.2005 at 23:35
Comments by Francis Bryan /e-mail/

Hey sweetie. Thanks 4 the nice, although short time in St. Petersburg. I will definitely come back. I met lots of very cute and friendly and sexy navy cadets from lenkom naval institute. :)

Manila Philippines.

14.01.2005 at 13:12
Comments by Thomas Alessandro /e-mail/

I went to Russia as an independent traveler and was a tad nervous about the whole idea of being all alone in a foreign country. When I met Nico, I immediatley felt at ease and safe - a good feeling when you''re thousands of miles away from home! Nico took me anywhere I asked him to (particularly our many visits to the saunas :-) and thanks to him, I was able to communicate and meet new people, which I might not have otherwise done. I highly recommend Nico to anyone visiting St. Petersburg as he is very knowledge, attentive, can speak English very well and best of all, he''s good looking! Feel free to contact me personally if you''d like additional info on my experience.

USA, Minneapolis, Minnesota

13.01.2005 at 23:31
Comments by Misha /e-mail/

Good morning Nico! Thank you for showing us Saint-Petersburg. It was a spectacular journey for us, all the more enjoyable because of your company.

USA, San Francisco, 2004

12.01.2005 at 20:30
Comments by Thomas Alessandro /e-mail/

Hey Nico! Thank you so much for a wonderful time in St. Petersburg. You are a wonderful person whom I will miss dearly. I recommend you to anyone visiting St. Petersburg (even straight people, if thats ok!)

USA, Minneapolis, Minnesota

22.09.2004 at 23:29
Comments by Frank Fox /e-mail/

Dear Nico, Thank you for a good time during my visit to St. Petersburg on 09-09-2004. I enjoyed your company, and the Army Folklore show was very enjoyable. I regret that Bill and I couldn''t remain longer at Greshniki. Best wishes for your future success! If any of my gay friends visit St. Petersburg, I will suggest they contact you. Спасибо!

USA. Baltimore

17.09.2004 at 13:24
Comments by Edwin Morrison /e-mail/

Conversations on the net with freindly Rus in St Petersburg made it clear that it was not wise to venture out late at night unaccompanied. Nikolay was an easy choice for a tour guide among the many listed. X-Military with an awesome website he was my first and only consideration. He is an incredibly wonderful person and if any of you want a reliable guide to St Petersburg (day or night) I highly recommend him. While I had seen Nikolay''s photo before it still came as a major shock when I first glanced at him in the lobby of my hotel. "Deja Vu", "Deja Vu". My mind raced back to Jessie who shared so many physical characteristics and mannuerisms. My heart raced as I went over to meet him. "Deja Vu" alright! I must have known Nikolay in a former life as I have never felt so compfortable or on stream with any one else so quickly. A wonderful guy.

Canada, Manitoba

13.09.2004 at 15:11
Comments by Eddy le Couvreur /e-mail/

It has been a week since we returned from St Petersburg. I cannot enough how much we enjoyed our stay. The city was magnificently beautiful and interesting. We had a wonderful time. I want to say once more that we greatly enjoyed our time with you. You showed us your city both on and off the beaten track, and gave us a some insight in every day life in your proud city. You are a nice guy and pleasant to be with, which made our walks with you through St Petersburg a great experience. In the next few weeks I will work on my trip report on St Petersburg and will publish it on my website. I will mention (and reccommend) you and provide links to your website. We left St Petersburg with good memories. You are part of them. We hope everything goes well for you (studies, work, love...). Hope to see you again.

Rotterdam Netherlands

27.07.2004 at 21:09
Comments by Johann Felix /e-mail/

Hi Nico, I would like to thank you for your help and professional guiding, I plan to come back next spring maybe for 3 or 4 weeks, in order to study Russian. So we will meet again.


18.07.2004 at 23:10
Comments by Dewey Seid /e-mail/

Hello Nico, It was very nice meeting you and having you take us around. We appreciated it very much. We liked very much the little antique store you took us too. It was not touristy at all. Both Kaz and I were very happy that you were our guide for the days we were together. We felt very comfortable with you. It was like spending time with a friend, not a guide. Thank you for taking us to the Folk Dance. We enjoyed it very much. I like my first trip to St Petersburg and I hope to visit again.

USA, New York City

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